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Version: 0.22.0

Crash Reporting

When a crash occurs in driftctl, we do not send any crash reports.

For debugging purposes, you can add --send-crash-report when running driftctl and crash data will be sent to us via Sentry.

Below is a list of data we retrieve when error reporting is enabled.

  • date: Event date
  • os name: Operating System (string, e.g. : "linux | mac | windows")
  • architecture: Architecture of your CPU (string, e.g. : "amd64 | i389")
  • num_cpu: Number of cores of your CPU (int, e.g. : 8)
  • release: driftctl version (string, e.g. : "v0.2.2")
  • server_name: Your computer hostname (string, e.g. : "yourhostname")
  • runtime version: Golang version (string, e.g. : "go1.15.2")
  • runtime infos: Variables go_maxprocs, go_numcgocalls, go_numroutines
  • packages: Golang used packages and their versions
  • stacktrace: The error stack

The crash reporting is silent, it will never make your scan fail. You can know whether a report has been sent or not by setting the log level to debug : LOG_LEVEL=debug driftctl scan ....


Below is a full example of a nil pointer crash report.


The RAW stack for this example is:

runtime.errorString: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
File "/go/src/app/pkg/parallel_runner.go", line 93, in (*ParallelRunner).Run.func1.1
File "/go/src/app/pkg/remote/aws/s3_bucket_supplier.go", line 71, in readBucketRegion
File "/go/src/app/pkg/remote/aws/s3_bucket_inventory_supplier.go", line 42, in (*S3BucketInventorySupplier).Resources
File "/go/src/app/pkg/scanner.go", line 28, in (*Scanner).Resources.func1
File "/go/src/app/pkg/parallel_runner.go", line 97, in (*ParallelRunner).Run.func1