Version: 0.5.0

Known Issues and Limitations

AWS Regions & Credentials Limits#

  • The user needs to use the same AWS region and credentials for both the scanned infrastructure and the S3 bucket where the Terraform state is stored (for example, a Terraform state stored on S3 on us-east-1 for an infrastructure to be scanned on us-west-1 won't work). Think AWS_PROFILE for the underlying reason. See the related GitHub Discussion.
  • driftctl currently doesn't support multiple aliased providers in a single Terraform state (like a single account but multiple regions). This will be implemented soon.

Terraform & Providers Support#

  • Terraform version >= 0.12 is supported
  • Terraform AWS provider version >= 3.x is supported

Terraform Resources#


  • aws_security_group and aws_security_group_rule:

For security group that has in-line egress or ingress rules, driftctl will output an alert message at the end of the scan to warn you that those rules are falsely unmanaged. The explanation is that we can't distinct, based only on the Terraform state, rules created in the console and rules created in-line in either egress or ingress blocks.